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Reversible Roman necklace

Reversible Roman necklace

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Aiming to always find the perfect staple necklace for your jewelry collection? Hunt no more.

Look like a drop-dead gorgeous fashionista in this elegant, chic and classy statement piece of jewelry. A versatile and extremely wearable piece that can pull of any outfit of the day.

Let everyone be awestruck by this cute dainty necklace. Unwrap your inner beauty with this best seller of ours. Rejuvenate and redirect love towards yourself.

This simple piece of jewelry can be styled with anything and everything which makes it versatile and a must add to your wardrobe.

However, to make this beautiful collection last long, we sincerely request you to follow this protective care guide:

Product Maintenance

1.These are intimate, delicate accessories and we advise you to refrain from wearing them in the shower and while engaging in outdoor activities/sports.
2. Daily-use substances like hairspray, lotion, perfume or other cosmetics contain chemicals that can permanently damage the surface of the gems.
3. Store your jewellery separately and in a box with safely padded slots or anti-tarnishing cloth.

Material - Alloy based metal with a flash plating of gold/ rose gold.

Delivery time - Delivery within 3 working days | Pan India.

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